Social Studies
Grade 8 Course Overview
The purpose of 8th grade social studies is to help students understand, evaluate and apply themes in American history from the Revolutionary Era through today to answer the question “Is the world today a better place than the world of the past?” In unit one, students will look at continuities and changes within the American government.  Unit two focuses on the United States’ position within the world through the lenses of war, diplomacy, and imperialism.  Unit three focuses on American history through a social lens examining the role of African Americans, Native Americans, women, and immigrants. Ultimately, students will make connections between the past and present to better understand the world and avoid the mistakes of the past in order to guide current and future decisions.
Curriculum Unit Guide
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Grade 8 Units

Unit 1: Running a Republic
Unit 2: The Emergence of America as a World Power
Unit 3: Tolerance and Diversity